Finding your joy in music making!


Kristin Jordheim MA, MT-BC, Music Therapist-Board Certified - Sunnyside/Highland, Northwest Denver, Adams County and the greater metro Denver area - through virtual visits on Zoom, FaceTime and more. Ask about telehealth options available beyond our usual Denver area locations.


Music therapy sessions continue during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Waivers under CES, CHRP and SLS through HCBS services in Colorado accept telehealth.   Meet us at your virtual sessions!

Individual music therapy services  and group music therapy are available through Advantage Music Therapy. Kristin also offers piano instruction for all ages and abilities (sometimes known as adapted lessons).   Violin instruction for those who would benefit from additional supports is available at Flesher-Hinton Music in Wheat Ridge.

Students with support needs, learning differences and those on the autism spectrum (ASD) are welcome.  As a music therapist, Kristin will work from your strengths to help you reach your goals.  Music therapy sessions with Advantage Music Therapy address cognitive development and social skills goals whether a student has an IEP or not.  Neurodiveristy is celebrated!  Advantage Music Therapy is a Health First Colorado provider.

Music therapy effectively addresses developmental goals through research-based interventions. The board certified music therapists (MT-BC) at Advantage Music Therapy are trained to create success based activities that address developmental skills.  Music therapy builds up a child’s self-esteem and feeds their spirit. 


Contact Advantage Music Therapy for your children who have support needs in the following areas:   

    •    Social skills

    •    Building friendships

    •    Musical interaction

    •    Gross and fine motor skills

    •    Cognitive development


Advantage Music Therapy serves clients in Adams County, Northwest Denver and other areas upon request  Private pay, CES, CHRP and SLS waivers accepted. We are a Health First Colorado provider.

How Music Therapy Affects the Brain in Autism - Psychology Today 2019

Music Therapy is effective in improving social skills of children with autism
CONCLUSIONS: The study showed that MT (Music Therapy) is an effective method with deep and consistent effects on improving social skills of children with autism. Access PubMed or ask at your library.​                                        

Music Therapy For Autism is a Promising Treatment, Shows a Controlled Study​

We co-hosted a  Sensory Friendly Concert - Immersive Community Oriented Arts Event! 
Toxoplasma Arts LLC  Make/Shift Monday Presents: (de)composition is family-friendly, open to EVERYONE, and now *~*Sensory Friendly*~* (de)composition wants to continue tearing down barriers that prevent ANYONE from enjoying art and music. Special thanks to RedLine Denver and Advantage Music Therapy / Sunnyside's Piano Teacher for helping make this happen.

Music is my love, my passion in life and also my full time profession. Everyone has the capacity to make music and receive it’s lifelong benefits.  Age, learning difference and distance are not barriers to starting.