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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program (AMTA , 2005) Music therapy can be used as a treatment for rehabilitating, maintaining, and improving the lives of persons with emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual, psychological and physical needs. 

Colorado waivers CES, CHRP and SLS through HCBS services in Colorado allow the  use of technology.  Your music therapy sessions can continue remotely during the COVID-19 epidemics.  Meet us at your virtual sessions using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

CES , CHRP and SLS waivers are accepted as well as private pay.  Health First Colorado provider

Are you looking for piano lessons or violin lessons within music therapy, sometimes called adaptive lessons? Contact us.

TeensYoung  Music/Social meets each second Friday 

This group is for teens and adults from our community who have support needs.  Participants at all levels of abilities are welcome! Individuals will have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments, to sing together and share their creativity.  Leadership from within is encouraged. Neurodiversity is celebrated.

A  fun filled hour of social music making  will be followed by refreshments and socializing time! 

Monthly gatherings  will use Zoom to meet until it is COVID-19 safe to sing together.

Reading recommendations: 

How Music Therapy Affects the Brain in Autism - Psychology Today 2019

Music Therapy is an effective method in improving social skills of autistic children 
This study showed that MT (Music Therapy) is an effective method with deep and consistent effects on improving social skills of autistic children. Access PubMed or ask at your library.